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Is there a full GPU renderer avaiable for Houdini ? 2014年3月13日7:26

Have you tested it?

Yes, I did for several months until I changed my system to using Linux completely due to some programming requirements earlier this year.

Since then some features have been added to the renderer, most notably hair/fur and Softimage's ICE attributes. It's very stable, can handle large scenes and renders very quickly. It's not as scalable as Octane though if used in a multi-gpus setup, but the fundamental architecture (out of core design) enables the renderer to handle large and complex geometry, even if the geometry size is bigger than the gpu ram, which is something that can't be done by Octane.

I was able to produce flicker free final animation render using the renderer in a very short time. Check out their websites, I know a few projects which are using the renderer in full production environment.

If the community can convince the developers, then perhaps they can have their renderer compiled for Houdini integration on all platforms during their participating media rendering development. The code for their renderer is designed to be multi-platform from the very beginning.


Houdini 14 Wishlist 2014年3月13日0:11

OpenCL for cloth simulation.

Is there a full GPU renderer avaiable for Houdini ? 2014年3月13日0:08

Hi all,

Has anyone tested Redshift GPU renderer? It has a very good integration with Softimage and Maya and is being actively developed with good customer service and support. The renderer has supported hair and fur, and after version 1.0 they will focus on volumetric rendering. Their beta version is being used in a production environment already. The renderer is designed using an out of core architecture where the scene geometry won't be limited by the gpu RAM amount.

Check it out at redshift3d.com. I would suggest to the community to contact them and ask them to port their renderer to Houdini. They have a plan to support Houdini but their main focus after supporting Softimage and Maya would be to support 3dMax and other dcc packages after that. Probably if the community can suggest to them to also develop a version for Houdini at the same time, that would be awesome.