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Assign a specific license pool for UE 2023年8月22日4:40

Our company have 2 pool:
_Houdini Engine for Unreal 19.5
_Houdini FX 19.5

The problem is when the artist uses HE in UE, it automatically uses the Houdini FX pool. I cant find the setting for this in PluginSettings of UE.

How to input just coliider to a HDA instead of a full mesh 2023年6月16日5:40

Hello guys,
Recently I am working with nanite foliage in UE, but inputting the nanite assets to HE gonna slow and consumes a lot of RAM, so I just want to input it colliders instead of it full meshes.
Maybe I can modify the source code a bit, but I dont know where I should looking for.

Game Tools | Maps Baker 2022年12月8日6:43

At request of a user, here is how to use the Maps Baker with PDG
Hello @Ambrosiussen, is there any update for PDG pipeline, because using $ Environment makes the pipeline inconsistent. For example, I cant view the node if it using $ environment.