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the best machine specs for Houdini 2017年1月12日15:49

Mantra does not use the Videocard at all (unfortunately)
also the viewport only uses 1 GPU,
I'd advise 1 GPU thats reasonably powerful like a GTX1070/1080
the premium for the Titan doesn't really pay off.

I'd try to go for 6-8 cores if you can afford it (seems Ryzen is going to make that cheaper real soon)
high GHZ is indeed best, lots of RAM is good, and a fast SSD helps a lot
(potentially a dedicated one for cache scrubbign if you do that kinda thing)

Generate map from point cloud? 2016年3月30日13:12

sadly i cannot share my solution,
but it can be done in cops with a pointcloud operation in vex/vops.
hope that inspires some courage and ideas

simplest wrangle question 2016年1月20日13:13

Note that {1,2,3} syntax only works for constants. If you want to use variables or functions to define a vector, you need to use set() :

v@myvectorC = set(@Frame,2,3) // ok

any reason not to always use this syntax? does it get set more often or something?