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Extracting .fbm textures from an imported FBX file 2020年3月5日7:36

You can do this via a COP. Inside your FBX Subnetwork:
1. create a COP2 Network
2. Inside, create a File COP
3. copy / past the path found in materials created by houdini, something like this .fbm/xxxxx.png
4. export with a ROP File Output

You must do this for each texture map, diffuse, bump / normal etc …
So it could be a lot of work for a complex model. A python script would be useful to do this automatically.

houdini 16 crashes on start up 2017年7月5日3:40

So it appears the real problem is with the OpenSSL library that comes with the Houdini instillation. The final step that seems to have fixed everything is by copying Manjaro's,, and from /usr/lib, to Houdini's dsolib directory, overwriting Houdini's versions of those same .so files. But I also hope this story might help other Linux artists who want their Houdini 16 to work again…
Thanks for this trick, it's working but starting houdini take a lot of time, more than one minute !
For info, i replaced by the from /usr/lib/ and relinked the other libz.XX
I'm under Manjaro (i3wm) with the last nvidia driver from manjaro, 375.66

How do I import 'DAE file' into Houdini software? 2015年11月5日16:33

I've done just that and I can't see the object in the viewport. But the nodes are present in the node panel. Any ideas aboutt how to get the object visible?

Check the scale of your scene.
1st. Select the node ‘collada_scene’, and try a Ctrl+G (zoom on selected objects)

2nd. Dive into the node (multiple times if necessary) and middle click on geometry node to see the bound of your scene/object.