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Merging takes to Main? 2021年2月23日1:51

Would also love to know the answer to this. When importing fbx files into houdini it creates takes.... Takes are a strange thing.

DSO Error (126): SOP_RealityCapture.dll 2021年2月16日18:42

I actually did all of the above and still nothing worked. Actually after installing reality capture it made it so houdini doesn't even open now.

Principled Shader in H16 plugging in 3D Noise 2018年5月30日20:23

I am not new to Houdini, but new to 16 & the Principled Shader. I am trying out this method of plugging in a noise or pattern into the base color of the principled shader directly however very few patterns actually work and so far I haven't gotten any 3D noise to apply successfully. Is there something I'm missing? Seems simple enough but no luck getting it to work.


Unified Noise > Base Color Input of Principled Shader - object fails to show noise pattern.

Cellular Noise > Base Color Input of Principled Shader - object successfully shows noise pattern.