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Remove redundant points after boolean 2022年2月16日23:00

They aren't really 'extra' points, they're where the hypothetical triangulated versions of non-planar faces intersect with the cutter.

Removing them would generate a profile that lies either inside or outside the intersecting mesh.

Disable de-triangulate on the changed faces and you'll see the triangles that connect up these so called extra points.

If you really want to remove them, but don't care that it changes the shape of the intersection profile, use a group expression sop with the 'point valence' preset. Select points with a valence of 2 and blast that group.

very tankyou !This is exactly what I want!I get

Remove redundant points after boolean 2022年2月16日22:03

After boolean node in Houdini,
if the polygon 's line is not idealization,
always leaves a lot of points
(shown in green circle,though I know it is very useful to keep modelling),
I usually go to manually delete it again into the next phase of work,
I want to know is there clever way to remove it,
instead of one by one manually remove points,
-------from a lover of Houdini.

Regarding the gradient material 2021年7月31日8:01

like this

Image Not Found