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Request to have CAD import surface in Houdini 2021年10月19日12:47

no go in 19 gezz plz come on 2021 and no good cad import no .step or even standard Nurb Format for Houdini.
eg iges. eg 143
19.5 ???? <<<< this in important that's why Unreal did it with there "datasmith cad importer"
why not Houdini ?

yes I am still pushing for this because it would be genuine ,handy ,practical, convenient, extremely ,highly ,deeply, absolutely, profoundly ,

Request to have CAD import surface in Houdini 2021年3月26日10:37

As Epic Games is now a minority investor in SideFX.
Would be nice have “datasmith cad importer” built in to Houdini in some form
But still waiting for standard format of a .iges File eg 143

"Houdini 18.5 Launch Event" What time does it start ? 2020年10月14日9:31

@AslakKS thank you I don't use Facebook at all