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Crash when rendering frame range 2022年5月12日13:34

Hi, I have an issue with Solaris crashing everytime after frame 1 when rendering a frame range.

I am using :
  • HoudiniFX Indie 19.0.589
  • on Windows 10
I noticed the issue when trying to render with Redshift, but the error is the same when trying with Karma:

Failed to complete render: exit code -1073741819
Use a Log Viewer with External Render Processes enabled for more information.

The first image is correctly saved to disk before the crash.

HQ/hbatch - Where should env vars be set? (not houdini.env!) 2021年11月17日10:04

I finally found the solution.
I didn't realize I left the default user when installing hqueue, so I just had to change the user in windows services ( as shown here []

HQ/hbatch - Where should env vars be set? (not houdini.env!) 2021年11月17日3:00

What happens if you try running a job manually from that machine (ie with hbatch)?

I tried using hrender, and it works fine.

(another thought: I haven't used this new Maxon installer, but I seem to remember it's not node-locked - so you may have to login manually on the client machine before you can expect it to service Redshift jobs)

That's the weird part, the client machine IS the one I am on right now, with redshift license activated.
So it's a Maxon issue ...