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Crowds of 4 legged animals 2022年10月6日3:50

Thanks a lot! This will help.

Crowds of 4 legged animals 2022年10月5日13:18

I'm searching for a way to simulate crowds of 4 legged animals, something like herds of zebras or buffalos or elephants. Is this possible with Houdini crowds? I only see humanoid sims wherever I search.

mantra -P filter textures 2021年8月25日12:00

I want to copy texture rat files to the local disk before rendering and changing the texture paths for mantra renderings which are done via HQueue. At the moment I do it by hacking the hqlib.py and parsing and modifying the ifd files. This works but I'd prefer to do it without changing the ifd files itself. Does anyone know if this is possible with the ifd python filters? These modify the ifd stream directly before they go into mantra what seems to be a good idea. Unfortunately I have no idea in which filter function I have to search for texture paths.
Thanks for any help.