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environment variable Houdini_Package_skip ignored.. ? 2020年8月31日16:51

HI Guys, i have a tops setup.. and i am trying to figure out, how, when cooking the node, i can disable my packages, therefore, dramatically reducing the startup time of the pdg tasks.

In the scheduler, i can add an env variable and i set HOUDINI_PACKAGE_SKIP = 1, but the packages still get loaded. I also tried by adding an environmentedit node, and setting the same variable there, but again, the packages get loaded.

It seems that should be something thats possible to set the environment for the tasks. The only workaround i found is to literally remove all the package json's from the folder.. then it worked as desired.

Any idea on how to get it working via the environment variable ?. I dont want to set it prior to starting houdini, as i need the packages when working, but some of the top tasks, they really dont need it.

obj object loading is extremely slow (ID# 105211) 2020年8月19日14:25

It's machine specific? strange

during the investigational stage, i tested linux/windows… with quite a few people.. always 3 sec.. (like i said you could just use a box, its almost irrelevant of the geo)..

but on one of the devs's linux box.. 0.3 sec…. we did a lot of testing, and since it was added as actual bug, I am hopeful.

obj object loading is extremely slow (ID# 105211) 2020年8月19日14:04

its not a matter of translation, there's something wrong in the obj loader.. (its been confirmed as a bug).. a file (like i said, 20k prims, but you could take anything (make a cube, export it as obj, and try the import).. it will take 3 sec to load… (off of an ssd)

one one of the devs's machines.. 0.3 seconds.. (which is expected, and which is what it loads like in other apps).. like i said.. its been confirmed and acknowledged, just hope it could get some love soon as it would really majorly help out here….

edit: (we dont have the luxury to request other formats, its what the delivery is, so stuck with .obj as incoming format)