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The future of xTools 2012年10月4日15:24

(this post is duplicated on odforce)

xTools 2.0 release is most popular release so far. With over 120+ members using the library, and 500 people visiting the website in just 3 days. It raises some important questions. What to do for release 3.0? How can xTools become better?

For me, this project has been a purely voluntary investment of my time, and now that it's become a more stable release it's time to think about it's future.

The project began as an experiment with using subscription as a support method for an open source project, but after doing this for a few months it's become clear that the Houdini community is simply to small. So I will not continue subscriptions anymore.

xTools will continue to be free, but I don't know what to do with this project over the next year.

So I'm looking for feedback, ideas and a general discussion about the state of open source in the Houdini community. With the launch of the orbolt store, and a move to selling assets. Does the community even have room for an open source project?

While sharing xTools on the orbolt store would increase exposure, it also means a large amount of my time to change them, recompile and re-arrange them to meet orbolt's strict guidelines for assets (and no, I'm not talking about policy guidelines, I'm talking about name spaces and dependencies). As an open source project it's just not worth my time to get them into the store.

So moving forward. What should the future of xTools be?

xTools 2.0 has been released. 2012年9月30日22:47

xTools 2.0 has been release for download!

This release includes several new assets, bug fixes and improved built-in help for most assets.

I am pleased and excited about the future of the xTools library, and look forward to building a community of users who will support this project. If you would like to get involved please use the forum on the website to offer support, recommendations and ideas.

Get your free copy now at http://xtools.ws [xtools.ws]

Uploading from Houdini directly to Orbolt 2012年9月10日13:52

Are you using the latest build of Houdini? I know SESI fixed some issues with Houdini in the daily builds version, where as the 12.1.33 version is out of date.