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Exporting objects with Displacement Map data 2024年3月14日6:04

Attached is a screenshot of a sphere deformed in Houdini/Redshift.

When I export as an FBX file none of the Redshift data is exported. I assume this is because the displacement is done at the rendering level, not the physical object level.

My problem is I need the object to be physically displaced for 3D Printing.

I can of course use the mountain node at the object level, but this is basic compared to the Fresnel, noise, and Displacement nodes at the material level.

Is there a way to export the object with the Redshift displacement date baked or can I do this at the object level differently so that the object is physically deformed for 3D Printing?

RedShift/Houdini - Displacement/Normal Maps Help 2024年3月12日15:02

OK I worked it out. I needed to add a material node with the imported file/object.

Colour issue solved

RedShift/Houdini - Displacement/Normal Maps Help 2024年3月12日14:32

Ok. I found out what the issue is/was. I was trying to displace/colour an imported object, which does not seem to work in the same way, as when I create the object directly in Houdini.

See image.
Here I have assigned a red colour to a sphere in Houdini and a yellow colour to a sphere object imported into Houdini.

As you can see the colour is assigned to the sphere created in Houdini but not the sphere imported.

I must be missing a step, any thoughts?