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Flipbook in a TOP network 2023年9月2日15:20

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I did actually already set it up with a karma ROP TOP - the issue there is that flipbooking looks perfectly adequate for my needs and is about 50X faster...

Flipbook in a TOP network 2023年9月2日5:30

I have a TOP network that's all running fine - wedging a bunch of pyro sims, then doing an openGL render of each, imageMagick montage and then an mp4 of that.

What I would like to do though is use Solaris viewport flipbooks rather than openGL ROP because it looks much better but I don't know how to launch a flipbook, save the files etc in TOPs.

Anyone have any ideas? I suspect it might be a python task and I have a reasonable grasp of python in other areas of Houdini but I've never used it in PDG.

Thanks for reading

pcopen - dot product not working 2023年7月24日12:43

Ok thanks very much for verifying, I'll have a look again in the morning, I was probably missing something obvious.