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Help needed on custom UI parameters logic. 2023年3月7日18:08

Hi All Artists and programers

I am struggling with UI Parameters. I anyone could give me few hints.
I use a multiparameter tab , with several parameters including 1 float, i would like to constraint the float parameter sum to 100.
If move the slider of this paramater, it should automaticaly reduces all the others.

the only thing i managed to do is to use the callback script from the float parameter to print parameter name and value :


i would like to reach a a custom python script or class that would receive the slider change and update the ui.
In fact i am looking to add some complex logic to the UI, a bit more than the "hide when" "disable when" available in each parameter.

Something quite straightforward where i store all paramteres value and could define some logic inside update function..

Any help please ?
thanks everyone