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OCIO editor doesn't save state with custom config 2024年6月18日21:45

Have you managed to set it up correctly? Deleting before restart allows you to maintain the settings but highlights look completely clamped in the viewport.

I got the config to work eventually and am pointing straight to the config (rather than through a sys var) - Houdini does not save the default however and I never got to the bottom of it. would love to hear what I could be doing wrong

OCIO editor doesn't save state with custom config 2024年3月28日17:16

I downloaded that config and manually added the default view line and then put the path to the config in the ocio.json package, and I'm seeing the tcamv2 view preselected in the viewport on startup. Is that not what you see?
I went 2 ways
- initially added the path to the config to the houdini.env file
- then tried the same path through as the OCIO varibale through a sys env variable
both ways led to the config being read, but left me unable to change the default view transform (it did add the default part to the (houdini created) config however but restarting houdini removed/changed it again for some reason). so removing the variable before restarting houdini was 'a' solution for the time being
guess i could try going through the ocio.json file instead - thanks again for your input!

OCIO editor doesn't save state with custom config 2024年3月27日20:47

It's not trivial, the config would have to be redesigned.
looks like houdini does indeed do that work for me

correct, the editor uses this location by default to save the edited config. Houdini is directed to use this config via a package file--this possibly overrides any preexisting environment variable defined location.

thanks much for your input, i def learned something along the way. my take is now that houdini keeps converting the v1 OCIO I have in the sys env upon start up and thus overwrites whatever display transform I chose every time.
(I could probably use the houdini generated config now and copy it back to my sys env location to verify)

thanks again!