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Karpa XPU load texture from primvar 2023年2月7日3:28

Some reading on the proposal:
https://graphics.pixar.com/usd/release/wp_stage_variables.html [graphics.pixar.com]

I will say that while I can appreciate the desire to put dynamism into path resolution, I'm torn about that being a DCC feature versus a USD feature. USD is already s complicated beast and this will make it more so. Eh, it's inevitable, opinion opinion opinion.

But this is completely unrelated to the OP, so apologies for that.

Q: How to see Asset Identifier 2023年2月7日3:07

On the prim's Metadata tab ye shall find it.

Linux: resizing Houdini window(s) hard/impossible 2022年10月25日23:55

Hi Rob, thanks for looking into it. Let us know if we need to muddle through.

In the meantime, I'm trying to help out one relatively common use case: resizing the main window over two screens. This doesn't help with the other dialogs in Houdini which is often too narrow, but maybe it's some relief. So a tool:

from Qt import QtWidgets

def get_main_window(widget=None):
widget = widget or QtWidgets.QApplication.activeWindow()
if widget is None:
parent = widget.parent()
if parent is None:
return widget
return get_main_window(parent)

mainWindow = get_main_window()
mainWindow.setFixedSize(1920*2, 1200)