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hkey commandline 2010年6月16日15:15

Thats what I was looking for.

Thank you!

hkey commandline 2010年6月16日12:47

Can i run hkey though a shell?

I need to release my license, from my system before it is wiped, but I cannot get in front of my machine. When I try to use it, hkey it only tries to launch the gui. is there a commandline way of dealing with this?

I did try ssh -X but I am tunneling through 2 machines to get to mine and I think it is getting tripped up.

Any thoughts, or do I just have to give someone my password to release it from my system.



Houdini and Xubuntu 2010年3月4日0:49

Does anyone know of any issues with running houdini on Xubuntu?

I am having some serious lag problems when running in Xfce. If I switch to fluxbox on the same system, all seems fine.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to run in Xfce or has seen similar issues?