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Light intensity change on different machine, need help 2013年8月29日10:53

They were. All the preferences and settings were exactly the same. I reinstalled houdini on both computers and that seems to fix it. Still weird because both still have the same version as before.

Light intensity change on different machine, need help 2013年8月29日6:09

I am working on my graduation project and did the lighting of a few scenes. I need to render it on multiple machines so today I transferred the data to a different machine and did a test render.. both computers have the same version of Houdini, no data has been changed. But when I render it on one computer is shows fine, on the other computer the light intensity seems to be x100 or so, everything is white and overblown but the settings are still all the same..

I'm on a deadline so starting to freak out a little, any advice, comments, thoughts are welcome!

I am using version 12.5.427

$WEDGE unknown 2013年8月17日11:14

No doesn't work either.

Because I'm only working with just a few random seeds I'm using the channel right now, that does seem to save the wedges in different files. Though I still don't get why it doesn't understand $WEDGE