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I can't import obj's 2020年5月17日17:45

Apologies for the necro thread, I was seraching an unrelated issues ran into this post.

The offending program isn't qwavefront.exe, but should be gwavefront.exe.

A fair number of file formats are supported in Houdini by using standalone programs to do the conversion. gwavefront, gdxf, gply, etc. When houdini tries to read or write a .obj, it will instead launch this program to do the task. This is usually done with pipes so no files go to disk, but the gwavefront program doesn't know it was invoked by Houdini. Thus, it has to check for licenses to see it is allowed to run. This usually involves contacting hserver. In most configurations, this should be entirely local connections, which is why it will run normally unattached to the network. But it surprisingly difficult to separate local from external connections, which is probably why Zone firewall is tripping on it.

How Hscript and Expressions are different? 2020年1月3日18:10

It isn't a stupid question.

hscript is a shell-like language, similar to csh or bash.

However, when you use back-ticks to escape it doesn't run shell commands, but a separate expression language. This is also the language that is used by default in parameters.

If you open a textport in Houdini (Windows::Textport) and type
3 + 2
it doesn't work because it tries to run the command 3

echo `3 + 2`
will invoke the expression language and evaluate 3+2.

I tend to call the expression language EXPR, but most people will just call it HScript. But I think it is simplest to think of there being Python VEX, Hscript, and Hscript Expressions as separate languages to learn. It is likely you don't have to learn HScript, only Hscript expressions, for example. Most of what hscript did is better done with python.

Our goal was to remove both Hscript and Hscript expressions and replace them with Python. Due to performance issues, however, HScript Expressions are likely to stick around.

pcsegment. How is it supposed to work? 2020年1月3日13:52

An embarrassing bug!

Thank you for isolating & reporting this.

Hopefully 18.0.339 will work for you without the need for workarounds.