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A layer info is lost in the Houdini-HDA-Unreal pipeline 2024年1月4日6:11


I have similar problem with my unreal and the heightfield HDA.

I have my layers (volumes) in houdini and I create the HDA.
Then I import this HDA to my unreal project and finally I add the HDA to the scene. The problem is the landscape object is not nest/join to houdiniassetactor and if I check the layers in landscape/paint, there is no layer and when I use the material by layers, the terrain is black.

I have watched a few tutorial about how is the best way to import a terrain_HDA into unreal and in all of them the landscape is attached to houdiniassetactor.

Any solution?

Intel vs amd vs apple 2023年2月19日15:45

Jajaja. Don’t worry. Feel free to discuss about everything related to the topic (new pc). It is also additional information for me.

Intel vs amd vs apple 2023年2月18日13:57

Ok! Thanks for your information!! It was very useful for me