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heightfield shading workflow 2021年1月29日3:17


I'm introducing in the heightfield world and I have a doubt regarding the shading workflow.
I have my scene, heightfields, terraces, noises, distorts, masks, trees, etc etc etc but I don't know if it is better to shading the terrain directly in houdini material network (or shop), exporting previously the masks, displacement etc or using substance painter.
What is the diferences between doing the shading in houdini or in substance painter? I think in both cases I need the terrain (displacement) and the different masks (debris, water, cliffs, sediments...). If I need export anything else, please indicate it.

And finally, for the trees, rocks, grass etc I think using quixel, the best way in this case is shading these items directly in houdini.

I'm going to use redshift.

thanks in advance.

Day 1 | FOOD | Cookie 2020年11月3日10:06

My flips& RBD choco-biscuit. 3D model of biscuit has been imported.

late and biscui.