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Suppress network change when selecting objects in subnets? 2023年3月31日14:09

Hi, it has been a while since I dropped in the forums.

I'm making an HDA that has an object subnet with editable contents. I want the main HDA interface to make changes to the selected nodes inside that subnet but when you select any or multiple of those nodes Houdini changes the network to focus on one of the selected nodes.
Is there any way to suppress that behavior for just that HDA? I am aware that you can pin the networks but this is not ideal since you would have to unpin them to do return to your preferred behavior for other operations.
I've looked into using select scripts to change the network back to the users original network but they run on each selected node, so isn't really ideal.

Limit scope of what nodes are visible within an HDA? 2019年1月8日15:49

I'm building a template Redshift Material by making an HDA based on the RS Material Builder. In the original node, when you hit the TAB menu, only the RS nodes are shown, but in my copy I get all the shading nodes.
I don't see anywhere in the Type Properties to set this, is there a way I can limit the scope of what nodes are available inside this asset?


Bundles 2005年2月25日2:32

I'm also curious as to what they offer, I must be missing the point somewhere.
Bundles are about the only way to handle lightmasks for subnetworked lights and other types of masks unless you list each light/obj seperatly.

I currently use groups to turn objects off and on for rendering different layers, but was thinking of switching over to using bundles since I wouldn't have to have groups in all my subnets. A bundle can contain a node that is inside a Digital Asset without having to unlock and modify the asset. An event script could be used to create or modify bundles that are needed for certain assets. We still have to unsync all the assets before changing the display flags for rendering of course but that is all handled in the render script.

I know that bundles were a bit buggy when they were first introduced. New objects would show up in every bundle so it was necessary to run a script to fix your bundles… I hope that has changed.

What is misleading as that the Bundle List Pane has an address bar which insinuates that the bundle defined might be rooted in a certain network. I'd love for bundles to have roots but if not, at least to remove the address bar.

What does everyone think about this? Am I mistaken?
I'm pretty sure bundles are not rooted to any network, they are global, you can to an opbls from any network and get the same list of bundles. My first impression was that it would be confusing and defeat the purpose of them if there were multiple lists of bundles, like having different sets of global variables…. But thinking on it more it would be quite handy, a digital asset could contain it's own list of bundles, and those bundles could be bundled in other bundles…. but that's not how it works, for now at least. It would be cool if you could at least have a group in your bundle.

I'm not sure why it has the address bar, perhaps because it's a side effect of having the use of the tree view?