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Solaris Subdivision Level 2023年9月23日13:09

Hello everyone

For my work, I need to have precise control over subdivision, so Solaris dicing is not an option for me. I model bottles containing several elements and I need, for example, that the glass has 3 level of subdivision, the label 2 level of subdivision etc etc.

I still work with "sop import" to import my model to solaris, but I saw that with the "scene import" there was an option, to set subdivision scheme to match object parameter.

So I tell myself that there must be an attribute or something that I could import into solaris in order to manage my level of subdivision in catmull clark...

Any ideas?

There's no such property. Subdivision level for render time subdivision is always effectively infinite, the cutoff is controlled by the dicing level. Some old fashioned software uses discrete subdivision levels, but this has been obsolete since screenspace subdivision was created.

Mulitple uv sets in Solaris 2023年9月22日13:45

Hi there, any news on this? It appears to be as broken now as it ever was.
Currently facing terabytes of converting stuff...

Has this issue been raised with Pixar? I'm guessing it's on them to fix it.

converting textures to ACEScg 2023年9月20日15:03

thanks, ill look into this. I have seen the un-tone-mapped with redshift render view and after effects, but it seems to be missing for me

Yes, you appear to be using the old 1.0 style config which did not have that view. You can add it yourself if you edit the config though.