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Execute python code after a "Render to Disk in Background" 2022年7月1日12:38

The Scripts do work in "Save to Disk", but in both nodes they don't activate in "Save to Disk in Background" it seems...

They do, but in the background. Are you looking for a way to execute scripts in the foreground when a background task completes? I think the only way would be to use a PDG task graph.

move pivot to YMIN in stage 2022年7月1日11:30

There is no way to do that in /stage without using python or vex to get the extents

LPE for emission influence - Karma 2022年6月30日13:19

Im currently playing a little with LPEs.
I stepped over a problem that I cant wrap my head around. When I have shape with an emissive shader on it,
I cant really figure out how i would create an AOV from the light that that is being emitted from that shape.
I would have assumed indirect Emission would give you (C.+O) but that doesnt seem to be it.

Thank you and best regards

It depends on if 'treat as light source' is enabled under the object's render geometry settings. When disabled, it should appear as indirect emission, otherwise it will contribute to direct lighting.