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V4 Orient INSTANCES problem 2020年7月3日18:29

They're lined up with ‘up’ because the y axis was used as the up vector. Use the local y axis of the target shape to get the local up vector, although that isn't necessarily trivial.

dialog prompt when creating digital asset, what does it mean? 2020年7月3日17:40

I wonder reason too. This message must pop up when one create a hda from Geometry obj.

I happens when ever you save changes to hda that modify the parm dialog, or create a new hda from an existing node that has a different parm dialog than the source.

Generally, you want to select No changes. When rearranging the parameter layout, it might be necessary to ‘revert layout’ for the existing instances of the hda to reflect the changes saved to the asset. Note that this might cause spare parameters that are not part of the definition to lose their place in the layout and appear bottom of the dialog.

It might be good to re-instantiate the node to be sure it was saved with all the parameters that were intended to be saved.

Why mantra still need several seconds for empty scene? 2020年7月3日17:18

I have tested karma with a static empty scene. It still needs 70 seconds for 10 frames.
Because karma can second render in viewport, I guess it is husk or some other translation process that eats the time.

Rendering from the usdrender rop still starts a separate process for each frame. Running husk from the command line should allow batching all of the frames in one process.

Even when running a separate process for each frame, it only take 30 seconds to render out 10 empty frames for me.

There's a checkbox on the usdrender node to render all the frames in one husk process. When enabling it, 10 blank frames render in 4 seconds for me.