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Vulkan Viewport and macOS silicon ? 2024年7月17日6:47

It looks like this is working for OpenGL in the current daily build, at least on my Linux box. If it's not for you, could you post a hip file?

This should be pretty easy to reproduce on MacOS. I've attached a video and hip file showing the GL viewport not updating unless you copy and paste the preview material in COPs (20.5.298 - M2 Ultra)

It does feel that the viewport on MacOS is creaking somewhat, perhaps unsurprisingly given that the OpenGL version is circa 2013. Really hope that 21 brings an updated viewport, so that there's (hopefully full) cross platform feature parity.

Speaking of outdated graphics technologies, do wonder if the OpenCL support on MacOS might become an issue sometime - that's also stuck in the past, but doesn't feel like OpenCL has evolved particularly.

I'm not too fussed by missing out bells and whistle (volume AO is nice, but I can still work), but more core functionality; COPs being an obvious one, but also things like the Texture Mask Paint and some other bits and bobs.

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