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Houdini Indie freezes when creating or deleting nodes 2022年10月12日2:17

I change the license server from sidefx.com to local server and it seems to be working fine now, so that was the problem.
Hello @trailverse, thank you for info, I also have same behavior regulary and also when open houdini it often open my Internet navigator to show my licenses (which are ok) or tell me I'm not connected with the opening the houdini license administrator tool.

I'm curious if that's a sidefx server problem that can be resolved in future or a limitation of this kind of Online licensing.

Prize Pack Delivery 2022年10月7日4:59

With all this time to wait, @rmagge is probably preparing more extra goodies like pants, hats, pens, etc.

Houdini 19.5 | Epic Speed Modeling | Kitchen 2022年10月6日8:06

Hello @SIgor420, thank you to show this.

It's happy to this in the light because yes we can use houdini for any kind of modeling stuff and also for "architectural" work.
I personally use it for this without need of any sort of "modeler" plugin (as well it can be) to achieve lot of stuff with te benefit of the proceduralism way on the fly when needed.