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Pivot painter SOP not getting installed in SideFX Labs 2023年3月18日21:52


I don't have your file, so I can't be sure.
May I ask you to create a Geometry Node and try it in it?
The hierarchy may be different.

I hope this helps you.

Labs FlipBook Textures makes watermark in indie edition. 2023年3月18日14:24

I found the cause of the problem.

It seems that the otls file contained an apprentice file which was put in as an experiment.
When I removed them, everything worked fine.
I hope this topic will be helpful to others who may face such problems.

Labs FlipBook Textures makes watermark in indie edition. 2023年3月18日12:31

When Labs Flipbook Texture is used, a watermark is printed.
I am surprised because it was not printed before. Has anyone else checked this out?

The version is Houdini 19.5.534 and it is windows11.

I'm attaching the files and images and would like to hear your opinions.
Thanks in advance.