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Rig Pose group parameter expand string not working 2022年8月6日12:48

Hello. I am trying to use expressions in Rig Pose's Group parameter, like @name=`chs("../ctrl/parameter")` to select a joint dynamically by querying a parameter on another node. But it is giving an error of "Empty Group0", even though it shows the correct string when I middle mouse click on it. But the same group pattern works for a Blast node, I tested.
Also it seems I can't find any point groups from the dropdown menu of the Group parameter of Rig Pose even though I have created some point groups already.
Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Saving and loading keyframe animation 2022年6月21日10:46

Hi there,

I have developed a tool for saving & loading parameter keyframes with cache functionality in year 2022 .
Check it out here on :

BTW, it is Free for apprentice users.

Best Regards,