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Autosave toggles... 2018年8月9日7:49

I'd like Autosave moved to just beneath the Save, or the Set Project, selection so I'd see it more often, remember to initialize it.

Book about "Becoming a Programmer": Marc Albrecht's "The Jerk's Guide to ..." 2018年7月12日13:15

Hey Marc, FYI, your Amazon link goes to Amazon's landing page right now, not the book.

iMacPro, Metal2 and beyond --> --> 2018年4月9日11:52

In my experience with the Mac Pro (not the iMac Pro), Houdini has gotten much more stable since the Mac Pro came out into thousand 13. And or, it might be the other way around, the Mac OS has gotten more stable. At this point, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Houdini on a Mac pro, I would prefer it in fact, but the delayed and unpredictable Apple roadmap, not to mention the continuing divorce from Nvidia GPUs, makes me want to consider other options, like the one you laid out.
Ultimately, we’re considering an iMac Pro (although there you have to consider whether you want to be tied to a single display) With an eGPUs vs a speedy, thunderbolt 3 Linux box, maybe also with an eGPUs.