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VOLUME RENDER ISSUE 2021年7月31日6:57

I have been playing with both with disturbance and turbulance, block size and Threshold Range and it is much better.

thank you very much for your help

VOLUME RENDER ISSUE 2021年7月29日11:13

Hello, I'm going to try what you have told me, it is giving me a lot of headaches, I also see that when I increase the amount of density a lot, the defect is more visible.

Thank you very much, I will tell you

VOLUME RENDER ISSUE 2021年7月28日12:25

Hi all ,
I have a problem when I render smoke volume, certain parts appear lines as if the voxel were visible.
The resolution is high, but it happens to me in some areas, it is rendered with Redshift, but the same thing happens with mantra.
Any idea why it happens?

Thanks a lot