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How to add wind to Billowy smoke H17? 2019年1月26日7:56

How can I add wind to a billowy smoke(and animate it), where and how do I add a wind?, I cannot figure it out

- yes I am a noob :-)
Houdini 17 app


Houdini apprentice on 2 computers? 2017年11月8日5:21

Is it possible to use my apprentice license on 2 computers?
- when I am travelling I would like to use my laptop.

And when I have the finances:
Is it possible to have Indie license on my desktop and Apprentice license on my laptop?


[Solved...kind of]Error installing key: LICENSE... (Houdini worked fine yesterday) 2017年10月31日6:35

I this a problem on sidefx servers or local?

I get this message when i start Houdini Apprentice 16.0.736 - I used the program yesterday

“Error installing key:LICENSE Generic Houdini-Master-NonCommercial 16.0 1 30-nov-2017 +.+.+.+ ”my pc name“ 0c0b6f49 mdkNRIwjUoDzrejYrsAkCb8IMBDT +6xmOltQxQ8HvUXsA@uZBSIZyLLSeeSfTCskO49XUneqUjP2zc” - typos may appear :-)

Will it work if I reinstall Houdini or am I not able to do anything?


EDIT: apparently I worked out running it as Administrator