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Is there a way to assign a hotkey to the Guide Groom "Primitive group" parameter? 2023年11月16日16:02

If you change your radial menu to "grooming" you get all the tools and more in an easy to access marking menu bound to the "C" key.
Way better than assigning random hotkeys as you don't need to move your hand all over the keyboard.

And yes, holding "S" will temporarily enter selection state so you can select guides, releasing "S" adds them to group field. Pretty sure this isn't guidegroom specific either and works for other Houdini nodes like Edit SOP for example.

Yes, the radial grooming menu that can be linked to "C" is an option.
Some people might like to work that way...
I find it super distracting constantly navigating through those menus.

Does anyone know how to assign (non-random) keyboard shortcuts to the various tools in the guidegroom node?
It USED to be possible!

Is there a way to assign a hotkey to the Guide Groom "Primitive group" parameter? 2023年11月16日8:36

Been looking for a solution as well, still no hotkey I suppose ?
updated? don't find it in hotkeys window

Hello, Check out Gabriela Salmeron's Introduction to Grooming in Houdini under sidefx tutorial. She shares a python script that you can put a hotkey into that solves this issue.

The functionality of selecting primitives for the purpose of masking now has the shortcut 'S' while the guidegroom node is active.

Unfortunately, I still can't find a way to assign shortcuts to the individual tools within the guidegroom node.

Gabriela Salmeron's method was to assign shortcuts to the individual tools that were in the 'Guide Brushes' toolbar.
Unfortunately, these tools no longer exist!

Does anyone know if there's a way to assign shortcuts to the tools within the guidegroom node?
It MUST be possible to do this!

Virtual grooming should not produce so many stress hormones as to cause the groomer to pull out their own hair!
Especially not while using Houdini. And certainly not in 2023!

Please help!