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Zooming in/out + panning on Camera backplate, SI style? 2019年6月26日16:35

Just pinging this thread to see if there is any built in way to do this, since there was a comment that they were working on it for the new version. I havent seen it mentioned anywhere…


Rendering to .ASS and then to Arnold with limited Engine Licenses 2019年2月4日17:23

Hi! Currently I only have 5 Engines with a couple FX Licenses. I have 35+ nodes on the render farm that all have arnold licenses. I use deadline. Has anyone set up an elegant system to daisy chain in the ROP a way to generate .ass with my Engines licenses and then automatically cue those up to to render using a bigger pool of machines in Arnold? Im starting to look into this but am getting a little lost.



Font tool and generated numbers.... 2017年11月10日17:57

Hi, here's a vex approach (assuming I understood what you were after).

Attachment Not Found

H16.5.268 Indie - font_rand.rar

If you are in New York I will buy you a beer, just say when.

This is awesome and very helpful

**that being said, come on sidefx - lets add some versatility to the Round to Integer (make it rough and be to integer or decimal) and have the ability to truncate as well easily***

Thanks so much galagast!