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How to attach points to an alembic animation? 2023年10月19日6:15

Perfect, thanks so much!

How to attach points to an alembic animation? 2023年10月19日5:24

How can I scatter points onto an imported alembic animation in such a way that they keep the same position on the geometry throughout the animation?

Any way to render a 360/latlong flipbook? 2023年10月6日6:41

I am making an animatic for a dome show which is a 360/latlong format. It's extremely high resolution, so I'd love to take advantage of the flipbook function in Houdini for the animatic, but since it uses the viewer, even when using a camera setup to be 360, the output is still a standard perspective view. So I guess there's two questions:

1. Is there any way to get the scene viewer to show the camera view in the correct perspective (spherical/latlong) instead of perspective when using that kind of camera?

2. Is there any way to use a ROP node to render the spherical/latlong frame in a low-res OpenGL-style way that is as quick as using a flipbook?