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Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年5月5日16:05

There is MLops as a start. A nativ integration of AI system sounds intressting but how the integration should look like i have not a clue. []

Stassius implementation looks much more accurate: [] []

Does GPU with double precision helps with simulation? 2023年2月5日19:47

- Open houdini.env (C:\Users\"user"\Documents\houdini xx.x) using a text editor.

- At the end add the following line (HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER = 1)

In some cases you need to add the following line (HOUDINI_OCL_VENDOR=“NVIDIA Corporation”) for Houdini to pick up the specified gpu.

The numbering system starts with 0 (the main gpu) and then 1 (you second one).

Save the file and open Houdini, go to Help menu > About Houdini > Show details, then scroll down to check Opengl it should show your main GPU, go down more and you will find Opencl is assigned to the second one.

Solaris camera import question 2022年10月29日21:58

Thanks Rob. Here's a stripped down version. Hopefully this packaged up correctly. I left some notes on the STAGE. The file is too big to upload to the forum, so I posted it here: []
Hi, Brad. Sorry, could you provide that file for learning? Had the same problem, can't understand the idea