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Houdini Generalist - Lockheed Martin in DFW Area 2024年4月25日23:11

My understanding is this position requires a bachelors degree.

Houdini Generalist - Lockheed Martin in DFW Area 2024年4月18日20:32

The team I work with has an opening. Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer. []

Some of the projects we've done in the last few years are linked below. Most of the work isn't public but it's challenging and rewarding work. [] []

why is Mac performance so horrendous? 2013年4月15日11:30

I have the same issue, the frame rate on OS X 10.6 with a Radeon 5770 is virtually unusable in Houdini. With the most basic scenes I get one or two FPS. I know the Radeon 5770 isn't a blazing card but I've used worse graphics cards on more complex scenes and had no issues at all with frame rate on Linux and Windows. I thought it might be just me or something with the particular workstation, but maybe it's more widespread than just me.