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translate arnold materials to MaterialX 2023年9月14日9:32

HI,i want to translate Material Network Nodes or .mtlx to the real MaterialX file or real MaterialX network.

sure there is an optin to export materials as .mtlx. but i need replace the origial arnold shaders to standard mterialX shaders. then i can use karma to render the same asset.

here is a tool "KTMaterialXTools" did this in katana Your text to link here... []

so maybe anywhere has houdini tools.

change FPS but keep keyframes 2023年5月20日6:53

o yes i was blind:P

change FPS but keep keyframes 2023年5月19日9:11

Hi,when i change one session's fps,all the keyframes are scaled too,logically that's all right.but is it possiable to keep keep keyframes where they were?