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Animated Feature Film - VFX Supervisor (ON,CA) 2022年2月9日12:06

Pipeline Studios []

Pipeline Studios is looking for a talented and passionate VFX SUPERVISOR for a

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to work for an iconic world-renowned brand!

Job Overview
The VFX Supervisor is responsible for the design and execution of visual effects work. They will manage the VFX pipeline, including all of the VFX artists working on the project. They are ultimately responsible for the entirety of VFX elements produced for the film.

Job Responsibilities
-Work with team of VFX artists to create prototype materials to help determine the style of VFX needed for the project
-Oversee all aspects for body of VFX shots throughout post from start to finish
-Act as liaison between the VFX team and the Director, Producer, partners and clients
-Ensure the artistic direction of the visuals for the production and post-production is followed in order to achieve the desired quality of the project
-Demonstrate a critical eye to ensure that the work is always at its highest level of quality
-Provide notes and feedback to VFX team in a timely manner
-Support integration of effects into other department’s workflows and collaborate with them to ensure deliverables meet requirements
-Determine the overall technical and creative approach to the project in collaboration with the project leads and supervisors
-Advise and support production leads in the development of production schedules, and the allocation of resources based on deliverables to clients

Qualifications & Skills:
-5+ years of work experience as a VFX supervisor in a film production environment, animated TV series or visual effects
-Degree/Diploma from a recognized animation school
-Extensive knowledge of VFX production and CG pipelines
-Strong working knowledge of software tools, including Houdini, Unity, Dreamweaver, Adobe CS5, and Maya.
-Knowledge of VFX compositing software such as Nuke, Fusion and After Effects
-Strong visual awareness and artistic ability
-An eye for details, good sense of timing, and thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in computer animation
-Ability to organize, prioritize and follow through in fast-paced environment.
-Maintain a positive and professional attitude, with the ability to work within tight deadlines.
-Pro-active and solution oriented.
-Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
-Detail oriented and highly organized
-Ability to handle the complexity of our pipeline and adaptable to our existing workflows

TO APPLY: Send your resume and demo reel to