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Get all plugin data for every Houdini version? 2023年11月21日10:13

Have you tried hou.ui.packageInfo to access all loaded packages ?

A redshift install for Houdini 19.5 on Apple Silicon 2023年10月24日13:08

You can install your package file in $HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR/packages

E.g. redshift package for windows

        {"REDSHIFT_COREDATAPATH": "C:/ProgramData/Redshift"},
        {"PATH": "${REDSHIFT_COREDATAPATH}/Redshift/bin"},

Override Node State 2023年10月13日10:08

I would like to automatically start my own state. Is it possible?

If remembering correctly I used a subnet and converted it to a rig pose. Then I think if you get the scene_viewer there is some merhod like enterDefaultState maybe. Can check later if you need it. So I got the rig handles activated like that. It is a bit hackish but works for me.
Thanks, but I don't need to activate the state with Python; the problem lies elsewhere. I was wondering if it's possible to attach a custom state, written in Python, to a node, which could then be activated by pressing Enter. I knew this was probably not possible, but I wanted to make sure by hearing an answer from the Houdini developers. I received a response

You can only do that with an HDA node by setting the `Default State` input field with the state type name.