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glTF: exporting node-level attributes 2023年10月26日12:46

Hey guys,

glTF has the notion of nodes, basically objects are tagged as nodes with a set of standard attributes like "name" and "(transform)matrix", e.g.:


Is there a way to export a custom node-level attribute in Houdini?
For instance I would like to export object's mass or velocity as a node attribute in glTF.
Of course I could write it as a mesh attribute, but I wonder if there's another way.


Custom collision hulls for UE via HE 2022年8月1日10:27

K, the solution turned out pretty simple: per chunk (visual mesh + collision geo (with group names "collision_geo_ucx...") -> merge -> pack).

Custom collision hulls for UE via HE 2022年7月26日11:20

Hey guys,

I wonder if it's possible to use Houdini Engine to generate custom collision hulls when bringing geometry chunks into Unreal Engine from Houdini? I am looking at primitive groups/attributes like `collision_geo_ucx` that you can set in HE to make UE generate physics hulls per piece on the fly. However I would like to generate and provide my own collision hulls and tell UE to use those instead somehow...

I am able to use HE to generate a (destructible) geometry piece that consist of multiple chunks that react to physics (e.g. it's falling apart), however it looks like every chunk is generating a convex collision hull in UE based on `rendered_collision_geo_ucxNN` primitive group name. I would like to generate and make UE use another set of geometry as collision hulls that I make in Houdini though. For example by associating a "visual chunk geometry" with another "physics chunk geometry" via an attribute or a group name somehow.