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COP Substance - plugin for Houdini 2020年1月16日4:10

Hi, Oleg,

just pointing it out here, don't shoot the messenger :-D

Honestly, I'd be careful with companies like Adobe. I would not expect their lawyers to accept an argument like “my product is called Cop substance” … actually, I would ask them and, if so required, change the name of my product, just to avoid an unnecessary quarrel on a battlefield that I neither could win nor profit from.
They'd probably not ask but sue you right away … so I would definitely take the action and ask them.

That said: License bought - and I will try to find the time to look into it, too! :-)


COP Substance - plugin for Houdini 2020年1月16日3:40


just stumbled over this - fantastic work, I love it! The price - if I see it right - is extremely low and absolutely fair. I am going to buy a license right now, even though I have no personal use for it because efforts like this NEED to be supported.

That said, I would strongly recommend to not call it “Substance” in any way. I haven't researched whether Adobe (now owner of that stuff) owns rights to the name, but the original authors most probably do. Besides, they do own patents (which, as far as I have followed discussions about what they got patented, I found funny, as the same kind of things have been done since the beginning of coloured computer graphics )
It would be quite sad if you had to shut down because of name-infringing or even patent-issues.


houdini 18 keeps crashing 2020年1月11日3:52

OK, I give up. Good luck.