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Rendered EXR image ignores added metadata when "exrmode=0" 2023年1月16日13:03

When using legacy .exr files (exrmode=0), the metadata support isn't as complete as when storing multi-part images.
This is a known issue with the legacy OpenEXR driver, but submitting a bug/RFE would be helpful.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2022年11月28日17:29

make Karma/ Mantra convert textures to .rat on the fly and use it just like Arnold. I think Arnold is the best in tersm of .tx files generation since I dont need to manually enter ".tx" at the end of every jpg on every single shader.

big hassle for big scenes with alot of megascans assets

This was added in H19.5:
Some image formats will have better performance when used as texture
maps when rendering. The imaketx program can be used to create these
high-performance texture files. This variable controls how non-ideal
texture maps should be used for texturing, automatically running
imaketex on these images to create high-performance texture files. This
conversion is done once, resulting an overall performance increase.

* Unset or native: will use the raw texture map with no conversion

* local will create a high performance texture file in the same
directory as the source texture (if possible).

* temp will use a local disk cache to store the high performance
texture files. This cache can be controlled using the htexcache
command line utility.

* all will first try to create a local texture file and if that fails,
it will fall back to the temp disk cache. For example, a texture
file $HIP/maps/color.png would have a local texture file created in
$HIP/maps/color.rat, but a texture stored in an HDA cannot have a
local texture created, so a cached file would be created in the temp
disk cache.

Karma EXR data window 2022年11月23日22:20

% husk
Usage: husk [options] usdfile
Build version: 19.5.441
--autocrop arg Pattern of AOVs to be considered when
computing the data window for