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Houdini Engine for Unreal - Version 2 2021年5月26日13:01

Hi Depernuit,

Do you guys already have an estimate to a release date for Houdini Engine for Unreal 5?

Rafael Bottari Martinez

Can't apply tessellation in my houdini digital assets? 2020年11月10日6:40

Hey Dpernuit, as this is a bit older topic, I suppose we don't have that “build adjacency buffer” in Houdini engine for unreal v2.0?
I was playing with session sync here and wasn't able to show the correct material because of that adjacency error (“Adjacency information not built for static mesh with a material that requires it.”)
Is there any different workaround to work with session sync while building adjacency buffer?

Many thanks,

Rafael Bottari Martinez

Vertex Animation Textures ROP 2.1 Released 2020年9月7日12:28

Hey Mike!

I'm using Houdini Core here, and followed the steps of the video, and everything seems to work fine, except that my final mesh seems to be inflated. Any idea why?

The issue happens only in VAT 2.1, if I switch to VAT 2.0 the mesh doesn't get inflated.

I will attach an image from the template debug inside Houdini, but the extends to unreal as well. I will also add a simple file to better illustrate the issue.


EDIT: Just got an email from sideFx about this issue. It seems to be a gotcha with RBD bullet solver, the workaround is to add the “rest” “pivot” and “orient” attributes as output on the RBD Bullet Solver.