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is there a way to change snapping dist in polydraw? 2022年6月2日22:11


Came here to ask this also! The build tool could really benefit from it especially.

My wrist hurts.

Console Warning message 2022年5月27日22:56

still getting this in 2022!
Houdini 19.0.589 here.

It's whenever I'm modelling with Edit, or Polydraw, as soon as I press Ctrl+Z, console pops up with
"Warning: There is no hotkey for h.pane.gview.state.sop.brush.orient"


How to get old file cache node in Houdini 19 2021年12月4日0:34

the new one works petty much the same as the old one.
May be a stupid question then, but how do you get the new file cache to pass-through write? So you can for example, run a Flipbook render of your sim, while caching vdbs to disk at the same time. I do this a lot in houdini18.5 but cant work it out.

EDIT:Thinking about this some more, I probably should be setting up openGL rops or something in TOPs for this to update my workflow. Any input appreciated