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Killing Houdini process from cygwin 2022年5月15日9:39

Six years down the line, that's still really sad. But that's probably nothing SideFX can fix easily and more of a Windows thing.

how to trigger callback from another node without user chaning the parm 2022年3月30日8:41

The solution is quite simple, if you do it through the parameter UI, you can create a spare parameter button and link the target parameter. When the button is pushed, the target parameter callback script is called without changing the value.

Same logic through python. On a parameter object just execute the ".pressButton()" method.


(I just had to solve this because when changing the (sop-pyro-solver's) solver mode through the ".set()" method, the callback script isn't triggered, which meant that the values on the solver for solving were not updated.)

Day 2 Animation | Motion | Grow 2021年3月2日18:34

Tim van Helsdingen

Pretty happy how this one turned out. but i'm not 100% sure if I qualify because I only just now read that I'm not allowed to use any megascans assets, and I used some for the environment. The growing plants themselves are made by me though. So hopefully this still counts. Rendered in Redshift. []

Q. Can Megascans/Substance be used?
A. Megascan and other 3rd party models are not allowed in the contest. Megascan and Substance textures are allowed.

There you go, you sly fox!

Here's my shot:

"I'm just gonna do this for one or two hours." Ends up taking half the day because it's so fun - and then Redshift crashes a couple of times.