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Hard edges on models 2017年8月22日9:55

You could also use the facet sop like this…

To create the rock formation as shown it might be better to go by the displacement shader method as you would need a gazillion polys to get the details you see in that pic. Although most of the surface is flat, you need to get your polygon to the smallest chip on that rock.

Selecting Fractured Pieces by Painting 2017年3月31日2:04

Many thanks Tomas.
It works beautifully although it took me some time to make sense of the code.

Here is the working file with the solution and notes added for future reference and search.


Selecting Fractured Pieces by Painting 2017年3月31日1:26

Hi edward
Thanks for the suggestion, I'm kinda lost in the VEX wrangling/coding world. I tried putting this code in the attribute wrangle after a connectivity node that gives me the ‘class’ attribute for each piece. But alas not getting the results. Some more advice please…

Run Over : Details(once only)
if(@Cd[1]>0) i@redpiece=primattrib(0,“class”, @primnum,i@success);
if(@class==@redpiece) @Cd=set(0,1,0); //change to green to see better difference

Many thanks