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kineFX realistic shoulder weirdness 2023年5月10日11:02

what version of Houdini are using? I just had a look at your scene in Houdini 19.5.605(latest production build) and everything seems to behave as I would expect. The only thing I can reproduce is the need to provide a negative clavicle lookup axis to the realisticshoulder VOP. I also see that you are using the realisticshoulder 1.0 - we have built a 2.0 version since then which fixes a couple of things. If you are on 18.5 however, you will not have access to the 2.0.

One thing I can suggest is trying to set the scaleinheritance to 0 instead of 1. As to what this does, it determines the behaviour of the child joint when its parent gets scaled - it is used when computing the localtransform.
Here is a list of what each scaleinheritance mode does:
- 0: simple inheritance
- 1: child doesn't scale with the parent local scales, but local translation is scaled
- 2: local translation is scaled as before but parent local scaling is also reapplied by the child in local space
- 3: local translation is not scaled, but parent local scaling is reapplied by the child in local space
- 4: child completely ignores any parent local scaling

Just to confirm:
Left leg now has the pelvis rotating as I move the foot up, right does not. I turn the realistic shoulder off, everything is normal
this happens when you translate the leg_ctrl_R via the RIGPOSE_ARMS_AND_LEGS, correct?

reversefoot sop not work correctly 2022年6月20日15:41

Thanks for pointing this out. This has been fixed and should appear so in the next daily build.

KineFx content library Eric rig examples not working 2021年12月25日13:43


From what you are describing it seems like you did not link the Mixamo motions. I just gave the file a go to make sure everything is working and I can confirm that it is fine. You have to download the Mixamo motions separately, they are not included in the .hip (there is a note made in the file about this). If you go to https://www.mixamo.com/ [www.mixamo.com] and search for: Jumping Rope and T Pose, you should be able to easily find them both. Once downloaded, you have to link them in the file in the Retarget geometry container at the top.
Let me know if you find any issues along the way and I would be more than happy to help.