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SideFX Labs Updates 2020年2月20日16:20

20 Feb 2020
New Tools
  • 1.103 (18.0.379) Added Splatter Tool. Allows for the quick creation of splatter simulations. Useful for blood, vomit, water splashes.

  • 1.110 (18.0.387) When using Vertex Animation Textures ROP in a TOP network, the output will be correctly reported.
  • 1.104 (18.0.380) Recompiling Instant Meshes SOP so it doesn't crash with latest Houdini
  • 1.104 (18.0.380) Texture Sheets ROP raises an error if it can't find a camera to render from.
  • 1.101 (18.0.377) Vertex Animation Texture will use uv3 if uv2 already exists to store VAT data.

Bug Fixes
  • 1.110 (18.0.387) Fixed some regressions in MapsBaker. Position map is normalized again, Normalmap has proper Y value, Transfering Normalmaps now also look correct. Also flatten UV.z component to prevent strange texture lookups.
  • 1.110 (18.0.387) Fixed an issue in MapsBaker that would cause the tool to think it is dealing with UDIMs for geometry with perfect 0-1UVs instead of 0-0.999
  • 1.103 (18.0.379) Set the precision of a wrangle in Axis Align to be 64bit. This should help with really large geometry. (Like OSM data)

Vertex Animated Textures + PDG/TOPs 2020年2月18日14:15

Hey Matt. I'm going to need some more info. I did a quick test of a soft export with a local scheduler and it ran without any problems. What kind of VAT are you trying to export? What type of scheduler are you using in TOPs?

Just to be safe I've modified the VAT ROP to correctly report the generated files in a TOP network. Tomorrow's daily build of Labs will have that change.

Vertex Animation Textures ROP 2.0 Released 2020年2月18日11:38

The core concepts for the different VAT exports are the same. Make sure your mesh has uv's (unless it's a fluid).
In UE4 make sure you've turned on “Use Full Precision UV's” on the mesh
For all VAT textures, change the Filter to “Nearest”.

HOWEVER, the animation is still completely wonky inside ue4.
Based on your Position Max/Min values, I'm going to assume the flying animation covers a large distance. The VAT texture will never by 100% accurate and loses precision the larger the bounding box. Have you tried exporting the bird animation with it locked to the origin? You might have better luck that way.

I would like to be able to import sprites with orientation and scale settings. It can come in handy for quick processing of splines, lines from a Houdini. For example, as an import of lightning.
I'm not too sure what you're trying to do after looking at the file. The Vertex Animation Textures are designed to store animation of vertices or objects that can be played back on the GPU. If you want to instance tubes onto points inside the game engine, you could use the rigid export which will give you a centroid for each chunk (tube). But you would still need to export a mesh that included every tube to be used.