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Recent Forum Posts

Volume Masking and Mixing 2018年2月9日19:03

I don't think it'll make too much of a difference in the render but it's generally a good idea to match the resolution. Otherwise it attempts to match internally by copying and interpolating values which might not give the result you're expecting.

Volume Masking and Mixing 2018年2月9日15:09

You need to have a matching field for both inputs. Swap your inputs into the volumemix (2nd input generally effects 1st input). After your volumeblur add a name node for the heat field and another for the temperature field. Merge those all together and use that as your mask. Right now it's only effecting density because that's all your mask has.

MotionVectors not working with Volumemix nodes 2018年2月6日15:51

That trail doesn't look too promising. The lines should be following the velocity field in the volume. Those lines for the most part are just pointing straight up. Is there reason you're using the destination and source premult to blend the volumes instead of the blend parm?