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Houdini to UE4's Niagara
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Impostor テクスチャ生成
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Game Tools | Preview Render Settings for Pyro
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Game Tools | Pyro FX Texture Sheets
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Game Tools | Motion Vectors

Recent Forum Posts

SideFX Labs Updates 2020年5月26日18:46

22 May 2020
  • 1.151 (18.0.472) Cleaned up unity export of Vertex Animation Textures.
  • 1.151 (18.0.472)Added URP package and functionality to Vertex Animation Texture ROP.
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Recompiling all plugins to latest version of Houdini to match HDK version bump
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) recompiling Instant Meshes for the latest API bump
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Vertex Animation Texture ROP 2.1. Multiple changes that aren't backward compatible.

Bug Fixes
  • 1.151 (18.0.472) PhysicsPainter start frame is now $RFSTART instead of 1.
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Optimizing Edge Group to Curve by making one of the wrangles detail instead of point
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Trim Texture now properly resets the viewport when clearing any changes made. It also automatically promotes UVs to be vertex to prevent weird viewport issues. Trim Texture Utility now also has the ability to initialize strips automatically.
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Vertex Animation Texture ROP was setting the fluid bounds incorrectly.
  • 1.149 (18.0.467) Vertex Animation Texture ROP created an offset when using the rigid export. Please note that materials need to be updated too.

Houdini Niagara Updates 2020年5月21日8:29

Any idea why this is happening?
I had the same problem.
Hmmmm. I've gone through my video and set that up again but it's not giving me any errors.

Is it only happening when you create a new module? What happens if you bypass that module in the stack? Is the HoudiniCache module input set correctly?

Smoke Render Artifacts 2020年5月20日13:06

It could be the material is changing the density (multiplying against the input value) or your volume samples on the mantra ROP need to be increased.