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Game Tools | Fire Presets
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Impostor テクスチャ生成
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Game Tools | Preview Render Settings for Pyro
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Game Tools | Pyro FX Texture Sheets
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Game Tools | Motion Vectors
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Game Tools | Volume Slices to Texture for UE4

Recent Forum Posts

Remove cracks in RBD mesh 2018年6月3日14:49

Does your mesh have uv's?

Access packed primitives from unreal hda 2018年5月30日12:37

That's possible. If you pass one hda into another the whole thing executes in a Houdini process so any native Houdini content, like packed primitives, is retained.

Rotation missing in Rigid Vertex Animation, and how to keyframe RBD Packed objects 2018年5月9日20:34

You're starting to delve into intrinsic transform land so I'll give a brief primer just in case. A packed prim's transforms are stored as intrinsic primitive attributes. The ones we care about are pivot and transform because you can change those. The others are immutable. You can also see the changes to those values through the point attributes P, pivot and orient. And you can change the point attributes which will update the intrinsic attributes. It can get a little confusing sometimes because changing one, changes the other.

So, the vertex animation texture tool is looking at the point attributes. The transform pieces node effects the intrinsic transforms but zeros out the orient attribute. Turn on Copy Template Attributes and add orient to pass that attribute through. That should get it working with the VAT exporter.

There are a number of ways to animate individual pieces. If you just want to do it by hand. You can put down a transform sop after your object_merge1 and manually translate and rotate a single piece by setting the group parm to the number of the packed prim you want to effect. The transform sop will update the intrinsic transforms as well as the orient attribute so it should work with exporting to a texture.