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RBD_constraints issue 2023年3月24日6:58

i have found the problem, I have forgot to switch the name attribute in the Boolean fracture from overwrite to append which ended up with duplicates values for the name attribute. setting it to Append giving the pieces unique name and that solves everything.

RBD_constraints issue 2023年3月24日5:28

Hello Everyone, hope you all doing Great.

I have a very simple scene made of 3 walls that i want to simulate.. i have fractured each wall separately using Boolean Fracture

then i have created the constraints for each wall

the problem is in the DOP network one of the walls will completely ignore the constraints and fall even though it's constraint didn't break .. and when i change the order of the merge of each fractured wall output, the other 2 will ignore the constraints and the other one will not

i have no idea what is causing this..

here's the Hip file if any one wants to take a look at.

Thank you so much

Alembic to be simulated in dops 2020年5月14日7:00

Bonjour, hope you all doing great.

i can't get an alembic geo to be simulated in dops .. however if i made a simple animated geo with keyframe animation,i can switch from being active in dops and reading the animation but it doesn't work with alembic..

should i be baking the alembic to keyframes or how it works?

Thank you.