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Plead for Required Houdini Versions 2016年12月13日10:53

If you update to the latest commit you might have to wait a bit for the daily build to finish that day.

For older commits, try to stick to the commits that have the same version as the current production build.

Also, if you are just a few builds apart, especially in 15.5 and older Houdini versions, you can usually get away with manually changing the version numbers in your local repo to what you can still download from the Daily Builds.

We are working an a better solution to this for the future but I can't promise anything soon.
Good enough for me.


Plead for Required Houdini Versions 2016年12月13日6:44

Maybe this is only something that kind irks me, but could the updates to the Github Repo maybe use versions of Houdini that are actually available on the Daily Builds page?

It seems like every time I update the repo, the required Houdini build is generally a version that's not even available to download. ;_;

Destructible mesh 2016年3月20日21:19


I am sorry to say, but we have not started this work yet. So baking separate meshes and then assembling them into a single destructible mesh is the only option at the moment. Having said that, we have a big interest from several clients and this RFE came up several times and it is quite likely we will start work on this feature soon.
Yesssssss. <3