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Packaging with Houdini Niagra Error 2021年12月7日9:43

I am having the same issue when building for Android.

Followed dpernuit's suggestion (for HoudiniEngine) and moved HoudiniNiagara from UE install to project, but no success.
Setting HoudiniNiagara from "Runtime" to "Editor" causes the built app to crash. (

Tried adding ‘PrecompileForTargets = PrecompileTargetsType.Any;’ or `bUsePrecompiled = true;`, but builds fail in both cases as well. Might have added it the wrong way, as I am not too familiar with the structure of these build.cs files.

Thanks for any help or thoughts on this.

UE5 WorldPartition grid + foliage 2021年7月16日10:38

Do you have a timeframe in mind when HE will support segmentation of foliage actors based on World Partition grids? Currently in UE5, manually painted foliage automatically gets segmented into multiple Foliage Actors to make them stream, while HDA foliage doesn't know about WP grids yet, of course.

PublicAPI: How to use existing AHouAssetActor for APIWrapper 2021年6月16日19:29

Thanks for the hint, works like a charm!