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How to create RBD Constraints Dynamically? 2023年4月6日10:35

... No one?

How to create RBD Constraints Dynamically? 2023年4月5日5:14

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to reach a very simple effect, but I'm not able to do it properly. My goal is to create some constraints between RBD Object and Collision Object dynamically, so when the object is close enough it will create new constraints in order to attach pieces to collider. However I'm stuck and can't move forward. I am able to create constraints however they seem to be created in timestep and not following the geometry as I would like:

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me on that?

Many thanks

H18 Rbd Hero & Flip volume Loss 2022年6月10日9:54


I think I have a similar problem so I will post it here. I can't find solution for volume loss in flip after introducing rbd object. I've tried everything, I knew that could help but with no luck. I'm attaching hip file, so maybe someone has some time to look at this, and push me in right direction.


Hi Orsonorix, I'm facing same issue. Were you able to solve the problem?